Mar 08, 2021: Falcons News - last update at Mar 08 3:15 PM ET
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Mar 08, 2021: Falcons Blogs - last update at Mar 08 3:15 PM ET
falcoholic- NFL rumors: Would the Falcons consider trading for Zach Ertz?
falcoholic- Falcons announce signing of punter Dom Maggio
falcoholic- NFL still hasnt announced 2021 salary cap, may push back franchise tag deadline
falcoholic- Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Monday, Mar. 8

Feb 06, 2021: Falcons News
espn nfc south- Ex-Jets coach Todd Bowles goes from green to greener pastures with Bucs
espn nfc south- Former New York Giants safety could play key role for Bucs in Super Bowl 2021
Mar 07, 2021: Falcons Blogs
falcoholic- With a tight cap situation, there are a few Falcons with a chance to carve out long-term roles
falcoholic- Falcons must clear about $20 million in cap space by March 17

Jan 19, 2021: Falcons News
espn nfc south- Tom Brady's success with Buccaneers sparks mixed reaction in New England
Mar 06, 2021: Falcons Blogs
falcoholic- Arthur Smith suggests Falcons will have backfield committee in 2021
falcoholic- Falcoholic Mailbag: Drafting a Quarterback?
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